Now, with KAZICI Trenching Machines,

you are able to trench with your every different brand and model tractors.

KAZICI Trenching Machines products transmit movement process from power take-off spline to the chains through drive-line by mounting to 3-point suspension behind the tractor. With the hydraulic control system, it allows to trench a 100/150cm deep and 15/40cm wide canal.

It is a perfect solution for trenching on all types of dirt surfaces.

Trenching Machines which can be used easily by a single operator can trench between 140 and 210 meter at normal land conditions, and also makes you successful even on hard dirt surfaces.

Our brand new developed self-propelled trenching machines can progress 3 meters in a minute. Our previous trenching machines was able to be used only for self-propelled tractors. Now, we offer new self-propelled system as a standard for all new trenching machines that we product. With that technology, our machines can be used as an agricultural machine with mounting to tractors which are 65 and over horse-power.

With our optional pipe laying device, there will be easier and faster solutions for your water piping and drainage projects. Pipe laying device which is controlled by hydraulic lift system can be used for all drainage pipes.

The optional laser system which can be mounted on machines allow trenching properly and intended on variable land conditions.

Right-sided trenching that available for our some machine models provide intended irrigation system for your terrain with allowing you to close trenching machines to trees.


-It can be used for all interrow tillage and watering projects without damaging trees.

-It can be used for trickle irrigation and planting subsurface PE Tubes and Tube Coils.

-It can be used for underground electric lines.

-It can be used for drainage excavations at sports arenas.

-It can be used for water evacuation projects by drainage on terrains which has a high water table.

-It can be used for subsurface drainage systems to prevent ponding.


Trenching Machines General Technical Drawing Examples ;

trenching machines Trenching Machines trencher machine