Trenching Machines – Model No: 48C40

The tractor mounted Trenching Machines are fitted with backfill blade, an effective hydraulic system, and heavy duty digging chain with digging teeth. There are many trenching options that the user can exploit. The tractor mounted trencher needs to have a fully-detachable digging chain. Also, it is hard-wearing. The trenching options can be centre mounted, side mounted, standard width and standard depth.

Specifications of Trenching Machine

Tractor power range: 90 – 150 HP.

Trench length: 140 – 180 mt/hour.

Trench width: 25cm. – 40cm. / Trench depth: max.  150 cm.

Machine weight: 2000 kg/4409 lbs.

Machine size: length-460cm / width-240cm / height-225cm

The salient aspects, uses of the trencher machine

Some dealers sell theTrencher machines to the customers that are often factory fresh. Others sell the items that are old, through the process of online auctioning. To buy the items the users require going to the relevant websites, searching for the items of their choice and then ask for quotation on prices from the customer service desk. The process of buying is simple.

Know, why do you need a trenching machine?

Contemplating on investing on the Trencher machine, then you require knowing the stuff you need to buy. Understanding the requirement is the most important part in investing on such devices. Depending on the built, our machines are used for different purposes.

Essential technical views of the Trenching machines

The different uses of the trenching-machines

trenching machine trenching machine Trenching Machines – 48C40 Trenching Machine 1 495x400Our trenching machines are used in the fields. They are used to build drains, furrows to facilitate the drainage of water. The farmers who have acres of land, feel it difficult to do the farming activity manually using laborers as it involves money, labor and other resources. The most prudent choice is to invest in the tractor mounted trenching machine. Our machine can not only plough the farm land but also make arrangements for drainage system so that the farm water does not remain stagnated but drains away.

Buy the items from online portals or through an auction

We sell machines to their customers that are factory-fresh. Sometimes we sell the items that are old by way of an auction. To buy the items the users require going to our website, searching for the items of choice and then ask for quotation on prices from the customer’s desk. The buying process is simple and convenient.

Types of trenching machines

Our trenching machines are classified according to a number of types. They are as follows.

                    • Our agricultural trenching devices are used for creating trenches in the field.
                    • There are trenchers available that can dig furrows on parks, sports complexes. Our trenching equipments are useful to maintain such sporting infrastructure.
                    • Yet another type of trenching device is used in the construction of roads, and doing other PWD related works that sometimes include the laying of underground pipes.
                    • We also sell trenching equipments that can be used to handle and maintain other commercial infrastructure.

Handling these machines require skills on the part of the users, therefore it is vital that prior to using the trenching devices, the users receive appropriate training.

Steps to take to maintain these machines from getting damaged

Since our machines like the 48C40 are mechanical items therefore overuse of these devices lead to corrosion. It is therefore very much important to maintain these items. It is natural that the device parts get damaged because of overuse. And for all such issues concerning our trenching equipments, prior to purchase the equipment, the user should seek advice from our customer service professionals. For such purpose, you can compare the prices of different Trencher machinesbefore buying one.

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